Why Don't You Want to Show Your Receipt? -Morgen

There are a LOT of videos on youtube of people freaking out over having to show their receipt as they leave Walmart. Its really no big deal, you show the person your receipt which proves you paid for the stuff and they let you go; otherwise, anyone could walk into Walmart, fill up their cart with stuff and just walk out without paying for it. It might come as a surprise to you if for some reason of divine providence that you are NEVER wrong that there are people who don't think they have to pay for stuff. There used to be a sort of honor system, and people did what they were supposed to do, but then stuff started disappearing. Stores realized that if they didn't watch the door, people would just walk out with merchandise. I know! It's crazy! But wait it gets better! I um, know somebody who used to grab something in a department store and walk it straight to the customer service desk, tell them they wanted to return it but lost their receipt, and you know what happened? The damn customer service person gave them the damn money!!! Once people get hip to that scam, a store starts hemorrhaging money and if they don't watch the door and demanding a receipt, their doors will have to close. Why do you think so many mom and pops have gone out of business? Because commerce can now only be done under some sort of militant model or people will rob you blind.

Retail is not a casino game, it's very cut and dry. They have something you want, you go get it and walk your happy ass to the register and pay for it, after which you are going to get a receipt. Why do you think that is? The broad in the video above seems to think that a receipt has to do with being a member of the store, "like you know, Costo? Cuz when you leave Costco you're a member and because you're a member you show your receipt, well I'm not a member here so I don't have to legally show you my receipt." Bitch please. Are you really that dumb? And did you seriously record yourself being this stupid AND THEN post it to YouTube? You probably still think you're right don't you? [FACE PALM]

I'm gonna attempt to put this in language you understand, so pretend I'm talking down my nose with a smirk on my face and an air of self righteousness that only a 50 year old pretending to be 27 can sound like, ok? "You like show a membership card at Costooooo, cuz its like a wholesale place, and they like save you money by not having bags or baggers, so you have to like pile your stuff in the cart, so when you walk out, they check your receipt to make sure you paid for your stuff; it like has nothing to do with being a member, you like took care of that when you like walked in when you showed them your MEMBERSHIP CARD!!!!, Yeah, so its like the same thing but like worse at Walmart, because people like just walk in unchecked and then walk out and don't pay, so yeah, sorry it is totally like legal to ask you for a receipt. Its even MORE important to ask for a receipt in a place where people don't have to be a member to shop at because the general population which includes you and me, can't be trusted. So give it up little lady. I'm gonna be the first to ask if I can help tackle your dumb ass when you run for your car.

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