Papa Duce Lock of the Week! Week 2

Lets Go!...Papa Duce is 2-0! I’m a true believer in momentum and for my lock this week momentum is such a key to this game. The Home Team is rolling in positive momentum and the visiting team is rolling in…well some kind of something momentum. The Papa Duce Lock of the week is Colorado!

Week 2 LOCK          Nebraska @ Colorado -3.5

Alternate Games that I think are interesting.

·      Utah @ Baylor +7.5

·      UTEP @ Northwestern +1.5

·      Texas @ Bama -7.5

Record 2 - 0

WIN    Week 1            Utah State +23.5 vs Iowa

WIN    Week 0            Notre Dame – 20.5 vs Navy

Each week this college football season I’m going to see how great I am at picking winners! I’ll keep track here on my radio blog at 93.3! My winners are in bold print.

Please Remember I’m not a professional handicapper. I’ve been told I’m a terrible gambler so please take my locks with a grain of salt. Let’s see if I’m still in the black after the National Championship.

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