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Hi guys its Duce! So, when I was asked about what I would like to do for an online blog for 93.3 The Eagle my first thought was Beer. I'm a fan! plus this way I can get suggestions from you guys on Beers I need to review on my Beer Blog. if you have a suggestion, please email at or @DuceForeman on Twitter. I also need to give credit for the name of this new blog "Another Round" to a great friend here in the NWA! Mr. Ash Goodwin. If you know Ash, he has a great passion for beer also. Ash was asked to name a session brew with Ozark Brewing Company a few years ago and that is where the name "Another Round" came from. Another Round with Friends is one of our great privileges that we get to share. Check back from time to time and we can share another round on this blog.

Cheers Friends


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