A DJ for one of our sister stations told me of a conversation he had with a young listener. My name came up and this young man said "Chester P? Yeah, he's like 40 and he's still cool!" While I sincerely appreciate the sentiment, I'm way past 40. But I hope I'm cool. April 16th, 2015, will mark my 30th anniversary in broadcasting.And my 50th year in the music business give or take. Two of my older sisters were certified bobbysockers so I was hearing Chuck Berry, Little Richard and Elvis at a very young age. Then another older sister bought Beach Boys records. And then the Beatles came along. Then Steppenwolf, the Who, Deep Purple, Cream. Then Hendrix and the Doors, then Zeppelin and by that time...let's just say it was very cool to grow up as a musician when all that stuff was new.Cut to the 80's, Nashville, and the road is gettin' old. And I acquired a family along the way. Fortunately, a song writer I'd worked with a lot, who happened to be a veteran DJ, told me of an opening at an AM Oldies station. I got the job, thanks in no small part to my sisters, and it was like the heavens opened and a celestial choir sang "Ahhhhhh". Except for the pay.Weekdays 5-10am But, I was hooked. Been that way ever since. And being on the number 1 Rock station in NW Arkansas, I feel extremely fortunate. (BTW, my 20th anniversary living here is also April 16th, 2015.) Long Live Rock! Hope I can stick around a little longer too 'cause I like where it's been, and I like where it's going.Weekdays 6am -10am