Linkin Park Launch Cryptic Countdown On Their Website

Photo: Getty Images

Linkin Park launched a cryptic 5-day countdown on their website earlier today (January 27).

The countdown page doesn't contain a whole lot of information, other than that the clock expires on Wednesday, February 1. However, there are some clues as to what the clock is counting down to.

Those who go to the band's website will be greeted by a photo collage, as well as a pop-up that reads, "DOWNLOAD A FREE COPY OF LiNkiNgPaRk-nUmB.exe." A button prompts you to click the OKAY button, but if you click CANCEL instead, more pop-ups appear all over the screen. After hitting OKAY, the website looks as though a file is about to appear in your downloads folder. Instead, you get a blue screen with the active timer counting down in days, hours, minutes and seconds. The text below the timer reads, "DETECTED_MEMORY_CORRUPTION_LiNkiNgPaRk-nUmB.exe."

Linkin Park haven't given anything away about the timer yet. The only thing they have said about it is a Tweet that reads, "D:\downloads\LiNkiNgPaRk-nUmB.exe START LiNkiNgPaRk-nUmB.exe." Although the information given by Linkin Park is minimal, any activity from the band is welcome to fans who haven't heard much from them in recent months.

Check it out for yourself on Linkin Park's website, and see if you can crack the code.

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