Rock In Peace: Remembering our friend, Chester P.

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iHeartRadio Fayetteville gathered today, Wednesday, April 24, 2019, to pay tribute to long time KIGL morning host Chester Pulliam aka Chester P and name the studio in his honor. Chester’s wife Deborah was also in attendance for the event.

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April 17, 2019....

We are all so very sad to bring the news to everyone about the passing of our friend, brother, and co-worker Chester P. He passed away on April 16th after a long and difficult battle with illness. He was an amazing person who was absolutely one of the best guys you'd ever meet and will be missed.

Chester P has been a fan of radio and music for his entire life with over 30 years in broadcast and over 50 years in the music industry. His story goes that two of his older sisters were "certified bobbysocksers" who got him listening to Chuck Berry, Little Richard and Elvis at a very young age. Then a sister introduced him to Beach Boys records, then the Beatles, then Steppenwolf, The Who, Deep Purple, Cream. Then Hendrix and the Doors, then Zeppelin and by that time... as Chester would tell you... "it was very cool to grow up as a musician when all that stuff was new."

In the 1980's, Chester P found himself in Nashville with a family and began to grow out of the music industry. A song writer he worked with a lot mentioned an opening at an AM Oldies station. He applied, got the job, and would say "it was like the heavens opened and a celestial choir sang". He will be missed by so many and in so many ways.

Rock in Peace, Chester P.

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