Undercover Cops Get Into Bar Fight With Pagan Bikers


Four undercover detectives got into a wild brawl inside of a bar in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania after their cover was blown. The four officers were having a drink at Kopy’s Bar when a customer pointed them out to a group of bikers.

After realizing they had been identified, they approached the group of bikers and admitted that they were police officers. They tried to keep the situation calm, promising that they had no issue with the men. Two of the bikers left the bar, while four others remained and appeared to be getting along with the cops.

That changed when one of the bikers, identified as Frank Deluca, started screaming at the cops and shoving one of the officers. Michael Zokaites joined the fight and started hitting two of the officers in the head. 

As the brawl escalated and officers realized two of their assailants were armed, a sergeant arrived on the scene and attempted to use pepper spray to break up the fight. Even that didn't work as Deluca continued to punch and kick the officers.

Eventually, they were able to subdue him with a few hard punches to the face. After order was restored, the four bikers were arrested and charged with aggravated assault, conspiracy, and riot. Deluca was the only combatant who needed medical attention and was treated at the hospital before he was released into police custody. 


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