Ferry Boat Fire Leaves One Person Dead


One person has died and dozens more are recovering  after a ferry boat shuttling passengers to a casino ship off the Florida Gulf Coast caught fire Sunday authorities said. 

All fifty passengers made it to shore, but a 42-year-old woman later died hours later after the fire occurred while arriving at the hospital's emergency room. Her name and cause of death have not been released by officials. 

According to police, about 15 other people were treated at local hospitals for minor injuries and hypothermia. 

The ferry boat caught fire Sunday afternoon while carrying the passengers to the Tropical Breeze Casino Cruise. The captain reportedly saw smoke from the engine and attempted to turn the boat around. After engine trouble forced the boat to a stop, passengers were forced to jump into the frigid waters just off the coast of Port Richey. 

It's the first such incident involving the ferry boats that carry customers to the casino. The shuttles are needed because the casino is stationed in the Gulf of Mexico. 


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