A crowd in Nottingham, England didn't seem to get the joke when Macaulay Culkin brought his comedy cover band Pizza Underground to town. 

The Nottingham Post says the group played this weekend's Dot to Dot Festival, but their set didn't last long after the audience pelted the actor-turned-rocker and his bandmates with beer and booed them off the stage. 

Culkin initially tried to joke about the crowd's response, asking why they'd rather throw the booze than drink it.  But just three songs into the band's performance, he walked off telling the unhappy fans, "That's the end of the show.  Goodnight." 

Dot to Dot organizers said it was a shame that the crowd in Nottingham ruined the Pizza Underground's show, especially after what they called "barnstorming sets" at earlier Dot to Dot festivals in Manchester and Bristol. 

After the performance, the band tweeted: 

Culkin and his friends debuted the Pizza Underground late last year.  The New York City-based act takes rock classics like Lou Reed's "Walk on the Wild Side" and changes them into songs about pizza, like "Take a Bite on the Wild Slice." 

Photo Credit Getty Images