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Johnny Marr is adding to the collection of solo albums from former Smiths members.  Last week Morrissey released his solo effort World Peace Is None of Your Business, and now Marr has announced plans to release his own album in October. 

Playland serves as the guitarist's follow-up to his solo debut, last year's The Messenger.  The new title comes from a book by a Dutch cultural theorist who argued that play is an important part of cultural development. 

Playland is scheduled to be released on October 7th. 

Playland tracklist: 

1. "Back in the Box" 
2. "Easy Money" 
3. "Dynamo" 
4. "Candidate" 
5. "25 Hours" 
6. "The Trap" 
7. "Playland" 
8. "Speak Out Reach Out" 
9. "Boys Get Straight" 
10. "This Tension" 
11. "Little King" 

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