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(Yahoo!) - A dream, scrambled eggs, a mother, and Julian Lennon -- what do they have in common? They're all things that inspired some of Paul McCartney's best known songs with the Beatles.

"Yesterday" was basically a McCartney solo track, written and recorded by him backed by a string quartet, although it was still credited to "Lennon-McCartney." Initially, the melody for the song came to McCartney in a dream in 1964, which led Macca to believe that he had subconsciously stolen it from someone else.

"I just fell out of bed and it was there," McCartney told Rod Granger of The Hollywood Reporter. "I have a piano by the side of my bed and just got up and played the chords. I thought I must have heard it the night before or something, and spent about three weeks asking all the music people I knew, 'What is this song?' I couldn't believe I'd written it."

Once McCartney was assured that the tune was indeed original, he had problems nailing down the lyrics, and initially — temporarily — titled it "Scrambled Eggs," with the temporary opening couplet, "Scrambled eggs / Oh, my baby how I love your legs." There was also concern that the somber ballad didn't fit with the band's Fab image. Finally, during a trip to Portugal in May 1965, McCartney had a breakthrough and composed the tune's proper lyrics.

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