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Lady Gaga has unveiled the tracklist for ARTPOP.  

Starting at midnight Eastern on Wednesday, a group of Los Angeles fans who've dubbed themselves the "L.A. Rivington Rebels" revealed each of the names one by one on Twitter. 

Gaga introduced the group of fans herself, tweeting that she had commission the Little Monsters to create a mural to help her make the announcement.  The singer said they had been sleeping outside her studio for a month waiting for the go-ahead.  

Seven of the 15 "ARTPOP" tracks on the list were debuted last month at the iTunes music festival in London.  Among the new ones are "Venus," "G.U.Y.," "Mary Jane Holland," "Dope" and "Gypsy."  A number of hip-hop artists found a place on the album as well.  Rappers T.I., Too Short and Twista are all featured on a track called Jewels N' Drugs.  R. Kelly joins the star on another called "Do What U Want."  "ARTPOP" is set to drop on November 11th. 

Check out the track list mural:

ARTPOP Tracklist: 

1) "Aura" 
2) "Venus" 
3) "G.U.Y." 
4) "Sexxx Dreams" 
5) "Jewels N' Drugs" featuring T.I., Too Short and Twista 
6) "MANiCURE" 
7) "Do What U Want" featuring R. Kelly 
8) "ARTPOP" 
9) "Swine" 
10) "Donatella" 
11) "Fashion!" 
12) "Mary Jane Holland" 
13) "Dope" 
14) "Gypsy" 
15) "Applause"